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Gallery A – Gallery B : Torbjörn Vejvi

Press Release

Opening: Monday 25 January 2007 from 19,00 pm to 21,30 pm.

From 25 January to 23 March 2007

Memory, the three-dimensional and implicit social relations are fundamental parts of Vejvi’s works. They concern, through clear, formal references derived from abstractionism, from history of modern art and from the social nature of spaces, the relation between experience and memory which become an integral part of the constructive process of his works.

In these, geometrization implies the psychological nature of space and the memories they contain relates to the same materials or images that constitute them. An illustration of this attitude is given to us by a series of collages realised with images collected from old furniture magazines, in which coloured papers reproducing new shapes  come out from empty frames or doors previously despoiled of their visual content. An existential dimension is instead more evident in the sculpture named “Attic” where the sculpture of a picassian guitar leads, disassembling its’ image, to the architectonic shape of an oblique and romantic attic and to the three-dimensional one of the sculpture, ending in the loss of all shape through an informal object placed at the centre of this work.

These are clear references to the collective memory which, unconsciously, adhered for a long time to the implicit formal directives sprung from cubism and to those that lately are conceptualized in liquid architecture. However, one mustn’t underestimate, in the works of the young swedish artist, who lives and works in Los Angeles, the tendency to irony and play. These are fundamental forms of everyone’s creative expression which become possible solutions for instructive development, they blend and send back to déja vus of past spatial experiences. The artist translates his sculptures in possible objects that take shape from space and in this, like in their construction, they reveal the thin existential relations between shapes and our own experiences.

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