Group Show
“Il Paesaggio Invisibile”
Naples 25 May/30 June 2017




 Vincenzo Jerace (Polistena 1862 – Roma 1942)  “Radiolarie”

Patrick Hari - Merlin James
Tim Rollins and K.O.S
- Padraig Timoney
Josh Tonsfeldt – Cheyney Thompson

The creation of a form is a gradual process that takes place through the artist’s analysis and sensitivity. It is a process that grows by following intuitions, technical possibilities and studies that arise with the help of scientific discoveries, new technologies and the development of human thought. Sedimentation of the past, or of the referents of previous eras, underpins what experience has been able to prove over time, generating a new vision of reality. Because of their implicit experimental penchant, the arts and sciences have always forged hybrid relationships in an attempt to analyse the truth and its laws, applied to the dynamics of cause and effect......................
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