“My Flashing Laundrette” press release 2007

Evan Holloway – David Noonan – Adam Putnam  

My  Flashing Laundrette”

Gallery A : 11 May to 27 July 2007.

Press Release

The analysis of  daily experiences is complicated by the innumerable sensory perceptions to which we are exposed by a system that develops incessant communications, diversified in shapes and codes. It is as if our perception caught a glimpse of different roads at the same time and having to choose one, it is obvious it directs us towards the brightest one leaving out those that remain in the shadow. This direction, though, is limited by the impossibility to choose our road serenely and it is as if, dazzled by a strong light, we didn’t distinguish our position so clearly anymore.

The answer to what one can expect choosing shadow remains unsatisfied by instinct that takes us towards safer and more known directions. All this, finally, makes us reflect on existential dilemmas for which, incessantly, we search codified certainties proposed, conveniently, by organized social and cultural systems, where the doubt remains if it is not enslaved to unquestionable dogmas. In the artistic analysis the dilemma of true and false, and what originates the fundamental aspects that direct our behaviour, is constantly present, either addressed towards light or darkness. And it is in the opposite direction to what one would choose that often artists head, in order to explore the territory of experiential data that in many cases are not investigated. And it is of the inclination for the dark side of things, the origin of choice and the presence of research of primordial aspects, of the origins of myth, that binds man to earth and to his subtle psychology of uncertainty of being and its problems, that this exhibition wants to deal with.

Implicitly, into this, the idealization of some metaphysical or surrealistic coordinates and of the loss of the concept of utopia can insinuate itself, against the constant illustration of reality in favour of the concept of efficiency and consequently of categorization, that restrains personality in the cage of the hedonistic satisfaction of consumption. My flashing laundrette refuses the blinding light that doesn’t permit the vision of choice, which contrarily diverts freedom of the person so that this flash can erase from the mind every ambition of interpreting the truth and the consequence of one’s choices.

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