Raucci/Santamaria Gallery started exhibiting in April 1992 located into an historycal bulding in Piazza S.Maria la Nova 19. It was founded by Umberto Raucci and Carlo Santamaria to exhibit the work of young emergent italian artists. During 1993, various individual exhibitions were held including those of Eva Marisaldi and Maurizio Cattelan both receiving immediate international acclaim.

From this initial phase, the gallery has continually been exhibiting foreign artists in italian premières such as:

1993: Mat Collishaw 1994: Tom Friedman, Padraig Timoney 1995: David Robbins - Miltos Manetas 1997: Ugo Rondinone 1998: Hannah Starkey  Mario Testino 1999: PeterDoig - Michael Raedecker - Glenn Sorensen  2000: Ann Lislegaard - John Pilson - Torbjörn Vejvi 2001:Tim Rollins and K.O.S. - Paulina Olowska - Cathy Wilkes - Yang Fudong 2002: Miriam Backström - Evan Holloway  - Tim Rollins and K.O.S.  2003: Cheyney Thompson 2004: Yang Fudong 2005: Hervé Ingrand 2006: Georg Herold 2007: David Noonan - Norbert Schwontkowski. 2009: Hany Armanious - 2010: Danilo Correale – Liz Deschenes – Benoit Maire – R.H. Quaytman – Eileen Quinlan 2013: David Jablonowski – Valerie Snobeck 2014: Merlin James 2015: Josh Tonsfeldt – Patrick Hari 2017: Paolo Puddu

In addition to private exhibitions, the gallery has also collaborated with institutions curating large shows to the Royal Palace in Caserta (More Than Real, 1996) and with The Modena Museum of Photography (Open Space, 1997) and cooperating for solo exhibitions of  Padraig Timoney and David Robbins with the MADRE Museum.

From 2004 Raucci/Santamaria Gallery has moved to a more functional and larger space at Corso Amedeo di Savoia 190 located between the most representative museums in Naples: Archeological Museum and the Museum of Capodimonte, close to MADRE Museum of Contemporary Art and to Maurizio Morra Greco Foundation.

Raucci/Santamaria inaugurated the new gallery on December 2004 with a solo exhibition of new works by Ugo Rondinone.The new space is made up by two galleries. One of the two galleries will be not strictly conceived as a “Project Room” but also like a Showroom for XX Century Design. Whereas on the one hand, the aim of the gallery is to focus on new artistic languages and experimentation in contemporary art through the work of young emergent international artists, on the other hand the gallery has also turned its attention to some artists of the previous generation, whose work has been considering as a point of reference for both critic and young artists. For this reason Raucci/Santamaria Gallery (since 2000) showed exhibitions of the work of Tim Rollins and K.O.S.,  Georg Herold and Norbert Schwontkowski.


Corso Amedeo di Savoia 190 Napoli 80136
phone: + 39 0817443645
Email: info@raucciesantamaria.com


Via Francesco Redi 23 – 20129 Milano
phone: +39 02 36581946
Email: project@raucciesantamaria.com

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