Glenn Sorensen – press release 2006

Opening friday 27 Ottobre 2006 from19.30 to 21.30

from 27 Ottobre to 7 Dicembre 2006

Gallery A: Glenn Sorensen

 Press Release

Transforming what is real into image form, having available the two dimensions of the canvas has always been a primary need for artists. This becomes an inescapable occupation for painters, depending on their emotional sphere and sensitivity, in perceiving in their surroundings those elements to transfer onto the surface of the canvas with techniques more suited to their objectives.

These surfaces amply reflect the personality of those who produce them, and like mirrors, they reflect the world of the one who, in that moment, has produced the image and which reaches us through our personal interpretation. This tendency to specularity and the reflection of the image seem to be the focus that Sorensen is placing to his field of interest. It shows through in the double-nature of the images, which like mirrors reproduce the subject contained in the representation. This double nature is in any case taken from the microcosm from which the artist takes his images, in the sphere of the domestic environment or referring in any case to the personal and emotional sphere that shows through clearly in the use of light and nuanced tones in his paintings.

Also the merest hint or trace of the paintbrush on the canvas can bring about a sensitivity of perception, and it would seem that the subject matter of the painting, meticulously in relief so as to assume a body of its own, can elude the iconic aspect of the painting. Almost like a system of a highly personalized lexicon, this grammar proposes a language, which is emotionally warm and able to turn the psychological, and intimistic state of the painting into a narrative. These images appear almost perceptible to our gaze, almost as if our gaze could penetrate the emotional mirror of the memory of the one who created the image, with the intention of encompassing in it something to preserve but which exists and cannot reveal itself, remaining mysteriously suspended between our gaze and the mirror of the painting.


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