HERVE INGRAND “Cetèternelatelier: the empty studio – le grotatrip” press release 2006

Press Release:

Inauguration 26 May 2006 from 19.30 to 21.30 – From 26 May to 14 July 2006.

Opening hours: Tuesdays through Fridays 11.00-13.30 and 15.00-1830.

Gallery B: HERVE INGRAND “Cetèternelatelier: the empty studio – le grotatrip”

Hervé Ingrand’s work is the result of a process that started in 1994 and developed around the Ateliers, sites of artworks creation and artworks themselves. 7 ateliers were set up in the course of the years, and – reproduced in scale 1:1 – they became 7 different artworks together with the paintings produced.

So, while on one side Ingrand’s painting takes on a narrative and installative aspect, on the other it documents the objects (the ones the artist amasses in his studio representing them as “Still lives on the wall of the atelier”) and facts and actions (like the sudden “Fall of the Mirror”) that occur in the artist’s studio and characterize its performances and developments. Such vicissitudes usually take place without any premeditation and result in the creation of a new atelier which – like an inherited genetic code – contains in itself the information of the previous one, to which it progressively adds new information, thus creating stratified and multifaceted channels of artistic communication. Their being in continuous becoming makes ateliers the expression of the artist’s mind, of his incessant endeavour for the constitutive principles of the form and its sudden developments.

This exhibition, in fact, shows the further developments of ateliers and of their contents i.e. the amassed objects that, in his own words, are the artists’ treasure. Today this mass of helter-skelter objects (le grotà), often represented as a mountain, is going through a process of transmigration, up to disappearing. Thus Ingrand creates another space, in which the ghost of the vanished object, defined by the bidimensionality of the canvas, is the absent subject of his continuous and incessant artistic research in the atelier.

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