Karl Haendel
“1/2 Einstein’s Brain, 1/2 Moon Rock”
Naples 13 May/30 June 2016

For his second solo exhibition, Karl Haendel (born in New York 1976; lives and works in Los Angeles) is presenting a new series of drawings in various sizes, in an installation specially created for the spaces of the Neapolitan gallery. In this new exhibition, the artist studies our relationship with our body, understood as a physical entity but also as a concept extended to purely speculative interpretations. Through the different expressive forms of drawing, in his meticulously rendered realistic, abstract or conceptual representations, Haendel – within the vision of a body of works, paraphrasing the subject of his research – inspires us to ponder the various aspects that relate us to our body.  The images of the represented figures, or parts of them, are derived from media that can readily be found anywhere, from printed paper to the Internet. Some of the drawings are explicit references to art history, such as the representation of sculpture, or they are tied to modern technological models for the three-dimensional representation of the body........................
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