Padraig Timoney “One Year Speaks Clear Some Years’ Peaks Clear” press release 2005

Press Release

Opening Monday 7 ottobre from 19.00 to 21.30 – From 7 October 2005  to 30 January 2006.

Gallery B:  Padraig Timoney “One Year Speaks Clear Some Years’ Peaks Clear”

The Raucci/Santamaria Gallery is pleased to present a personal exhibition by Padraig Timoney. The Irish artist shows a series of formally and technically diverse works which distance any commonly-made readings, instead directing the attention towards the single, individual pieces, the creative process and the structure of art.

The artist’s own complex system of using diverse media and painting techniques, of historical and formal channel-surfing, deny the possibility of using style as a single expressive referent with which to interpret the work. This redistributes the creative force around the work and redefines the contents of art and its system. Timoney creates techniques which define the aesthetic of the works and which inextricably link themselves to the structure and content of the work as if a hypertext of discourses derived from or formed by contemporary culture.

The work does not only explain its contents, but functions in such a way that these are amplified and take in the diversity of their modes of expression.  These investigate how images are recorded and codified by memory and define three polarities: positive – negative –neutral, implicit in the structure of each thing. This tendency does not affirm any univocal truth but offers the possibility of comprehending diverse and differing affirmations.

Timoney moves agilely with technical and formal skill, annulling the work’s temporal location both in relation to art history as well as in relation to the very creative moments in which the works were produced. These methods partially cancel out any possible talk about artists’ working strategies, politically fracturing readings of the system and of the explanations which justify the method yet miss the work’s importance.

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