Biography: Merlin James


Born in Cardiff UK, 1960

Lives and works in Glasgow UK


1983–86  Royal College of Art, London

1979–82  Central School of Art, London

1978–79  University of Wales Institute Cardiff

SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2017 “Paintings”, Raucci/Santamaria Studio Project Milano, Italy 2016 “Paintings for Persons”, Sikkema Jenkins & CO, New York, NY / “Long Game”, CCA, Glasgow, UK / “To the Present” Kerlin Gallery, Dublin 2015 “Meeting at the Building” Gallery 2, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Ireland / “Genre Paintings” Sikkema Jenkins & CO, New York, NY 2014 “Freestyle”, Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany / “In Penombra” Raucci e Santamaria, Naples / Kerlin Gallery, FIAC Officielle solo stand, Paris / Aanant & Zoo, Berlin 2013 “Signal Box” Kunst-Werke, Berlin / Parasol Unit, London / Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris 2012 “In the Gallery”, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin / “New Paintings” Kerlin Gallery, Dublin 2011 Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York, 2010 “Frame Paintings”, Mummery+Schnelle, London 2009 Sikemma Jenkins & Co., ADAA solo stand, New York 2008 “Birds, Places and Other Things”, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin / Mummery+Schnelle, London 2007 “Paintings of Buildings”, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York / Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris / Venice Biennale, Wales Pavilion / “Painting to Painting”, New York Studio School, New York / Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Brussels 2006 Andrew Mummery Gallery, London 2005 Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York / “Sea”, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland  2004 “Easel Paintings”, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland / Vitamin Arte, Turin  2003 “The Middle Distance”, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin / New Compositions, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London  2002 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin / “Pictures”, Brent Sikkema, New York 2001 Andrew Mummery Gallery, London / Galerie Yves Hoffmann, Paris 1998 “Painting” (with artist-curated works by William Nicholson and Alex Katz),  / Wooster  Gardens (Brent Sikkema), New York 1997 Wooster Gardens (Brent Sikkema), New York / Francis Graham-Dixon Gallery, London 1996 Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge UK / “Critical Pictures”, Kingston University, UK  1995 “Poussin’s Phocion and Other Works”, Standpoint Studios, London / “Poussin’s Phocion”, National Museum Wales, Cardiff, Wales 1991 Albemarle Gallery (Mark Glazebrook), London

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2017 “Park, Guangzhou”, Holly’s Gallery, Guangzhou, China / “La vita materiale!, The Goma, Madrid 2016 “Outside”, Karma, Ney York, USA / “Shapes, Cuts Breaks and Scrapes” Seventeen Gallery, London, UK / “Ghosts of Other Stories”, The Model, Sligo, Ireland / “The Public Body”, Art Space, Sydney / “Toward Night”, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne (UK) 2015 “Basal’, Aanant & Zoo, Berlin / “Reasonable Paintings”, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ / “Out There – Thataway” CCA Derry-Londonderry / “Painting is Not Doomed to Repeat Itself”, Hollis Taggart, New York / “Vital Signs”, Museo Della Grafica, Pisa 2013 “Parergon and Gutter”, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, / “Building Materials”, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT. / “The Room and its Occupants” Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto / “Inevitable Figuration”, Museo Pecci, Prato, Italy / Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago / “Picture Show”, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow UK / “SS Blue Racket”, KARST, Plymouth UK 2012 “Bucolic Frolic”, Mummery+Schnelle, London, UK / “One Night Stand”, Goat Major Projects, Cardiff, Wales; Trade Gallery, Nottingham / “The Big Picture”, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York / “Interior Visions”, Colby College Art Gallery, Waterville, ME / “The Man Don’t Give…” Motorcade/Flash Parade, Bristol UK / “Les Misérables”, OHIO, Glasgow UK / “Broken/Window/Plane”, Tracy Williams Gallery, New York 2011 “Between My Head and My Hand…”, Feldman Gallery, Portland, OR 2010 “The Beholder’s Share”, Mummery+Schnelle, London / “Merlin James, Andrew Taylor, Tom Varley”, Southside Studios, Glasgow UK / “Long, Long Gone”, Leo Koenig, New York / “Self-Consciousness”, Veneklasen Werner, Berlin / “Le Tableau”, Cheim & Read, New York / “Building on a Cliff” (Merlin James, Matt Conners, Arturo Herera), Sikkema Jenkins, New York 2009 “Doppio Gobbo”, Fluxia Gallery, Milan / “New Ideas in Abstraction”, Trahern Gallery, Clarkesville, TN / Galerie Marabini, Bologna / “Nus”, Fortes Valeca, São Paolo 2008 Mummery+Schnelle, London / Brooklyn Museum, New York 2007 “Discerning Eye” Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ / “Things We Lost in the Fire”, Leicester City Art Gallery, Leicester UK / “Mutineer”, Atelierhaus Mengerzeile, Berlin 2006 “M di Mare”, Galleria Fabjbasaglia, Rimini  / “Full House”, Kunsthalle Mannheim / “Things We Lost in the Fire”, Transition Gallery, London 2005 “Seeing Things: New British Painting”, Galleria Fabjbasaglia, Rimini / “Short Stories About Painting”, Art Space Gallery, London / “Sidelonging”, 117 Commercial Road, London / “Interested Painters”, Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago 2004 “Painting Direct”, Kunsthalle Mannheim / “Contemporary Painting”, Colby College Art Gallery, Waterville, ME / “The Five Corners of Painting”, artconnectionlille, Lille, France / “The Edge of the Real”, Whitechapel Gallery, London / “No Particular Place to Go”, APT Gallery, London 2003 “Selected Paintings”, Max Wigram Projects, London / “The Lazarus Effect”, Prague Biennale, Prague / “Yes! I am a long way from home”, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Huddersfield; Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury UK; The Nunnery, London / “Dirty Pictures”, Approach Gallery, London 2002 “Landscape”, Saatchi Gallery, London / “The Embarkation for Cythera”, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London / “Merlin James, Alex Pollard, Michael Fullerton”, Felixleiter Raum für Kunst, Berlin 2000 “Painters Painting” (Stuart Cumberland, Merlin James, Kevin Knox), The Approach, London / “Not Enough”, Velan Centre for Contemporary Art, Turin / Brent Sikkema, New York / Andrew Mummery Gallery, London 1999 “Merlin James, James Hyde, Joe Fyfe”, Thomas Korzelius Gallery, New York / “River Deep, Mountain High”, University of Dundee UK / “EAST international”, Norwich university College of the Arts, Norwich UK / “Another Country”, Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren, New York 1998 “Raum”, Künstlerhaus, Vienna 1996 “East End Academy”, Whitechapel Gallery, London 1993 “Quoi de Neuf?”, Delsol et Innocenzi, Paris

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