Biography: David Robbins


Born in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, USA, 1957

Lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


1979  Brown University, B.A.

SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016 Le Confort-Moderne, Poitiers. France 2015 “TV Family” Trailer , Cur. by Progetto Inchiostro, Museo Madre, F.S., Stazione Mergellina, Napoli, I. 2014 “TV Family,” Museo Madre, Naples, Italy 2011 “The lift Trilogy”, Raucc/Santamaria Gallery, Naples, I. 2010 “REpotting,” Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, USA. / “Drive Thru,” Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, USA. 2009 “Lift: Part 2”, The Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, USA. 2008 “Ice Cream Social”, Misako-Rosen Gallery, Tokyo, JAP. 2006 “Curb Giveaway”, Feature, New York, USA. / “The Flowered Snowmen Prints”, Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston, USA. 2005 “Ice Cream Social 1993-2004”, Miller Gallery, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. 2004 “Ice Cream Social 1993-2004”, Musee d”art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, F. / The Suburban, Oak Park, IL, USA. 2003 “Ice Cream Social”, Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. / “The Curb Decor Series”, Feature, New York, USA. / Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston, USA. 2002 “Scanasonic”, Donald Young Gallery, Chicago, USA. / “David Robbins”, Cubitt, London, UK. 2001 “Recent Work”, Feature, New York, USA. / “Pretty Funny”, Allston Skirt Gallery, Allston, MA, USA. / “Frontierland”, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL, USA. 2000 The Institute of Visual Art, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee,WI, USA. 1999 “Mortar Work”, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, England, UK. / “Two or Three Comedies”, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL, USA. 1998 “Assorted Comedies”, Feature Inc, New York, NY, USA. / 1996 “Drawings”, Feature Inc, New York, NY, USA. / 1995 “The Cabinet of Dr. Calimari”, Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples, I. / “La Comédie Humain”, Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, B. 1994  “Situation Comedies”, Feature Inc, New York, NY, USA. 1993 “Construction Estimates for the Institute for Advanced Comedic Behavior”, Jay Gorney Modern Art, New York, NY, USA. / “Baustellung,” Galerie Bleich-Rossi, Graz, Austria.b1991 “Concrete Comedy, Personal Politics, Contextual Genetics”, Feature, New York, NY, USA. / “Psychosafari”, Galerie Claire Burrus, Paris, F. / “The German Reunification Public Sculpture Competition”, Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne, D. 1990 “Signs of Faith”, Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, B. / Galerie Achim Kubinski, Stuttgart, Germany, D. 1989 “The Fool Show 1”, Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, D. / “The Fool Show 2”, American Fine Arts Co., New York, NY, USA. / Dia Gramma, Milan, I. 1988 “Demographics”, Galerie Dorrie/Preiss, Hamburg, Germany, D. / “World Tour ’88”, Galerie Christoph Durr, Munich, Germany, D. 1987 “The Art Dealers’ Optical Tests”, Gallery Nature Morte, New York, NY, USA. / 303 Gallery, New York, NY, USA. / “Petrified Forest Estates Lot #296”, (coll. with Clegg & Guttmann), Cable Gallery, New York, USA. 1986 “The David Robbins Show”, Gallery Nature Morte, New York, NY, USA.

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2014 2014 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, curated by Anthony Elms, Michelle Grabner and Stuart Comer  2012 “Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art,” Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, Chicago; Blaffer Museum of Art, Houston; SITE Sante Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico. / “This Will Have Been: Art, Love, and Politics in the 1980s,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA. / “Twenty-Five Years of Talent,” Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA 2011 “The Unfinished Film”, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, USA. / “Entertainment”,  The Greene Naftali Gallery, New York City, NY, USA. 2010 “Pop Life: Art in a Material World”,  National Gallery of Canada – Musée des beaux-arts du Canada, Ottawa, ON / “Don’t Piss on Me and Tell Me it’s Raining”, Apexart, New York City, NY,  USA. / “Pop Life – Warhol, Haring, Koons, Hirst”, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, D. / “Blind Mirror”, Raucci/Santamaria Gallery, Naples, I. 2009 “Sold Out: The Artist In the Age of Pop”, Tate Modern, London, UK. / “Practice, Practice, Practice”, curated by Michael Smith, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, USA. 2008 “Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art”, Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK. 2004 “East Village U.S.A”, curated by Dan Cameron, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA. 2003 “Utopia Station”, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Venice Biennale, Venice, I. / David Zwirner Gallery, New York, USA. / Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY, USA. 2001 Texty, M du B, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. / “Altered Landscape”, LFL Gallery, New York, NY, USA. 2000 “Elysian Fields”, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France. / “Hairy Forearm’s Self-Referral”, Feature Inc, New York, USA. 1999 “Apposite Opposites: Photography from the MCA Collection”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago / “Fame after Photography”, cur. by M. Heiferman and C. Kismaric, Museum of Modern Art, New York, “Private View”, Galleria Civica, Bolzano, I. / “Canceled”, Apex Art, New York NY, USA. / “Audio visual”, co-curated by Kelly Taxter and Allston Skirt Gallery Allston Skirt Gallery, Allston MA, 1998 “Lost in the Woods: Foliage and Form at the Turn of the Century”, cur. by R. Hopkins, The New Art Center in Newton, Newtonville, USA. / “Tableaux aux Murs”, FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon, France. 1997 “Dike Blair, David Robbins”, Feature Inc, New York, USA. / Beret International Gallery, Chicago, USA. / “From a Whisper to a Scream”, Ten in One Gallery, Chicago, USA. / “Hermetic Summer”, TBA Exhibition Space, Chicago, USA. / “No Small Feat”, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, USA. 1996 “a/drift: Scenes from the Penetrable Culture”, Center for Curatorial Studios, Museum, Bard College, Annadale-on-Hudson,  curated by Joshua Decter, USA. / “Arte Fotografica”, Palazzo Cesi, Acquasparta, Rome, Italy. / “Openspace”, Museo Civico, Moderna, Italy; curated by Carlo Santamaria and Umberto Raucci (catalogue) / “More Than Real”, curated by Carlo Santamaria, Umberto Raucci, and Massimo Sgroi, Royal Palace, Caserta, I. / “Everything That’s Interesting is New: The Dakis Joannou Collection, Deste Foundation”, Athens  School of Fine Arts, the factory; Athens, Greece. / “Snow Job; Usine”, curated by Christophe Cherix, Geneva, CH.1995 “Strung  Into the Apollonian Dream…”, Feature Inc, New York NY, USA. / “Crystal Blue Persuasion”, Feature Inc, New York NY, USA. / “I Gaze a Gazely Stare”, Feature Inc, New York NY, USA. / “Mapping: A Response to MoMA”, American Fine Arts Co, New York NY; curated by Peter Fend / “Phallic Symbols: Phallic Images in Contemporary Art”, cur. by Hal  Bromm, 24 Hours for Life Gallery, New York, NY, USA. / “b/w photos”, Feature Inc, New York, NY, USA. 1994 “Please Don’t Hurt Me”, cur. by J. Jaeger, Galerie Snoei, Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Cabinet Gallery, London,  UK. / “The Social Fabric”, curated by Paula Marincola, Beaver College Art Gallery, Glenside PA, USA. / “Gift”, cur. by Gideon Ponti, Brigit Spears, Neville Wakefield, The InterArt Center, New York NY, USA. / “Die Orte der Kunst”, Sprengel Museum, Hannover, D. / “L’hiver de l’amour”, curated by E. Fleiss and O. Zahm, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, F. / PS1 Museum, Long Island City, NY, USA. / “Pictures of the World (in Real Time), Paula Cooper Gallery, New York NY, USA. / “L’Usine (Le Consortium)”, Dijon, France; Le Capitou, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Fréjus, France; Stadtische Galerie, Goppingen, Germany; Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy. Hera Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan / “The Use of Pleasure”, curated by Robert Nickas, Terrain, San Francisco CA / “Page 5”, curated by Elizabeth Olbert, 45 Broadway Gallery, New York NY, USA / Sammlung Volkmann, Kaspar König, Berlin, D. / Feature Inc, New York NY, USA. 1993 “Commodity Image”, International Center for Photography/Midtown, New York, USA. / Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston MA, USA. / Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam, HOL. / Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach CA, USA. / High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA, USA. / “Parallax View: New York – Köln, PS1 Museum”, Long Island City NY and Goethe House, New York, USA. / “The Return of the Cadavre Exquis”, cur. by A. Philbin and I. 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Nickas, Galerie 1900-2000, Galerie de Poche, Paris, F.  / “Teppische”, Galerie Tanja Grunert, Cologne, D. / “Hollywood, Hollywood; Identity Under the Guise of Celebrity, cur. by Fred Fehlau, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA, USA. / Jay Gorney Modern Art, New York NY, USA. / Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne, D. 1991 Das Offentliche Bild, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria. / “Proiezione”, curated by Gregorio Magnani, Castello di Rivara, Rivara, Italy. / “The Private Eye”, Arti & Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. / “Neighborhood”, Artist’s International Research, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. / Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne, D. 1990 “Towards a Non-Representational Photography”, curated by Stephen Frailey, CEPA, Buffalo NY, USA. / “In the Beginning…”, curated by Bill Radawec, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland OH, USA. / “Leche-Vitrines”, Arts Museucal Festival, Brussels, B. / Marta Cervera Gallery, New York NY, USA. 1989 “Image World”, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York NY, USA. / “The Photography of Invention: American Pictures of 1980’s”, The National Museum of Art, Washington, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago IL, USA. / Walker Art Center; curated by Joshua P Smith and Merry Foresta, Minneapolis MN, USA. / Abstraction in Contemporary Photography, International Center for Photography/Midtown, New York NY,  Hamilton College, Clinton NY, USA. / Kunstverein Hamburg, Hamburg, D. / “Double Take”, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati OH, USA. / “A Climate of Site”, cur. by R. 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SELECTED PUBLISHED WRITINGS: ESSAYS, INTERVIEWS, FICTIONS: 2015 “A conversation with Chris Burden,” 2014 “Play Date In the Fame Complex,” The Enemy, #1 / “On Midwestern Humor,” A Study in Midwestern Appropriation, Hyde Park Art Center 2013 “David Robbins talks to Comedy Bang! Bang! Host Scott Aukerman,” The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, October 14 2012 “American Fantasy Classics,” Mary Nohl Foundation 2012 Exhibition, Milwaukee / “Talent at 25,” Twenty-Five Years of Talent, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York / “Stephan Dillemuth & David Robbins”, Mousse N. 32, February/March 2012. 2011 “500 Words,”, August / “High Entertainment: Self-Presentation,” Flash Art, March / “The Three Stooges and Chris Burden: What Do They Have In Common?” in L.A. Weekly,  2010 “Kunst Na Het Entertainent (1989)”, De Witte Raaf, Amsterdam, July-August 2008 “Platforming,” Artlies, March 2007 “Forming Fun: Hans Ulrich Obrist with David Robbins,” X-Tra, Summer 2007. 2006 “Martin Kippenberger in ‘The Role of a Lifetime,’” X-Tra, Winter 2005. 2005 “Ice Cream Social at the Couvent des Cordeliers,” Frog magazine, No. 1, Summer / “The Compass is the Map,” catalogue essay in No Manifesto, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo, curated by Andrea Viliani / “Untitled” in Do It 2, Revolver Press, Frankfurt / “Notes on The Ice Cream Social,” brochure published by Carnegie-Mellon University Regina Gouger Miller Gallery 2004 “Concrete Comedy,” Artforum, November. / “My Warhol: Biz Kid,” Artforum, October  / “Notes on the Ice Cream Social,” brochure accompanying “Art, Television, Video” exhibition, Musee d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; in French / “On Talent,” in Likeness: Artists’ Portraits of Artists, CCAC/Wattis Institute, San Francisco; ICA, Boston 2003 “Warm Science Fiction,” Pierre Huyghe, Le Consortium/Van Abbemuseum / “Milestones: 1985: The Replacements’ Tim,” Artforum 2001 “Six Embarrassing Purchases and the Clerk Who Sold Them,”Untitled “Party Platform,” Camera Austria, September / “My Space Program,” Black Diamond, September / “Notes On A Midwest Makeover,” New Art Examiner, May 2000 “Francis Picabia, Modern Person” catalogue essay for exhibition at The Arts Club of Chicago / “On Deadpan,” Art Issues, November/December / “Cumulus America: Further Adventures in the Two-Party System,” Parkett, #58 / “Party Platform,” catalogue essay for A Social Event Archive, Volume Three / “Herr Karl Valentin,” Art issues, April/May / “A Social Event Archive: An Interview with Paul Druecke,” New Art Examiner, April / “David Robbins’ Top Ten,” Artforum, March 1999 “ABC TV,” Artforum, October / “Cancelled!” essay in brochure for Apex Art, New York; November/December / “My Son the Artist,” Cakewalk, Winter / “Dinner at Shambles,” Art issues, January/February / “A Furniture Memoir,” essay to accompany Michelle Grabner exhibition, Cranbrook Academy, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 1998 “On Concrete Comedy,” Cream, Phaidon Press, London / “Weave,” essay for Richard Rezac exhibition, Feigen Gallery, New York / “The Artifice of Democracy,” Hermetic Broadsheet, Volume 1, Number 1, Summer / “Showtime,” essay for Nicholas Frank exhibition, The Institute For Visual Art, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / “The Third Option,” essay for Bicycle Thieves exhibition, Chicago / “Untitled,” catalogue essay for Adrift, Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies / “Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and … Smithson,” Art issues, January/February / “Second Thoughts,” catalogue essay for The Harry Carey Show, Diverseworks, Houston 1997 “Field and Screen,” Art issues, Summer / “Chicago Thoughts on LA,” Art Muscle, Febuary/March / “David Robbins Goes Fishing at Loch Ness: A True Story,” index magazine, November 1996 “Hi Everybody!: Four Comic Hosts and the Prism of Democracy,” Art issues, Sept/Oct / “Autodidact,” Purple Prose 10, Winter / “The Jack and Connie Brooks Center for the Treatment of Cancelled TV-Family Syndrome,”  Art issues, January/February / “David Thomas with David Robbins,” index magazine, February / “David Robbins in Stockholm with Fireside,” index magazine, June / With Mary Clarke, “Mary Clarke and David Robbins on E! Entertainment Television,” index magazine, June 1995 “It Can’t Happen Here,” Art issues, November/December / “The Rise of Systems Man,” Art issues, Summer / “Correspondence from the Institute,” Purple Prose 8 1994 “Our Lady of Angora,” Art issues, May/June / “Correspondence from the Institute,” Purple Prose 6 / “Correspondence from the Institute,” Purple Prose 5 / “Konkret Komedie: En Introduktion,” 90tal, number 13 1993 “Memo from the Institute for Advanced Comedic Behavior,” Purple Prose 4 / “Correspondence from the Institute,” Purple Prose 2 / “Out of Camera Range,” Camera Austria, number 41 1992 “On the Confidence Game as a Model for Culture,” catalogue essay for Hollywood, Hollywood: Identity Under the Guise of Celebrity, Pasadena Art Alliance / “The Pneumatic Tube,” Gazette, November / “Hip Trouble,” Acme Journal, volume 1, number 2 / “Memo from the Institute for Advanced Comedic Behavior,” Purple Prose #1 / “Mr. Entertainment’s Diary,” Art issues, January/February through November/December  1991 “A Problem Solved,” Art issues, Summer / Review of “The Aerial Kit,” The Print Collector’s Newsletter, September/October / Review of “Cindy Sherman: Untitled Film Stills,” The Print Collector’s Newsletter, March/April / “The David Robbins Show,” Arti Amsterdam, February 1990 “Hollywood Fractals,” Art issues, December 90/January 91 / “The Neilsen Family,” Art issues, September/October / “Speech for Prime Time,” Art issues, March/April 1989 “A Comic Object,” Art issues, December 89/January 90 / “Greetings from Television City,” Art issues, October / “Another World,” catalogue essay for Special Effects exhibition, Milan, Italy / “Art After Entertainment,” (part one) Art issues, February / “Art After Entertainment,” (part two) Art issues, April 1988 “Solid Light,” catalogue essay for Solid Light exhibition, Stockholm / “Stars,” Aperture, #110 / “Monochrome Pop: Interview with Steven Parrino,” Flash Art Italiana, November / “Search for Tomorrow,” essay for Information as Ornament exhibition, Chicago / Review of “Blasted Allegories: A Collection of Artist’s Writings,” The Print Collector’s Newsletter, March 1987 “Robert Gober,” exhibition essay, Galerie Jean Bernier, Greece / An Interview with Clegg and Guttmann, Wolkenkratzer Art Journal, issue #2 / “Joseph Kosuth,” Arts, April / “Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage,” essay for Picture This exhibition, Buffalo, NY 1986 “Artificial Intelligence,” essay for Rooted Rhetoric exhibition, Naples, Italy / “Shrink Rap,” (with Robert Nickas), Arts, September / “Cigar-Store Indian: Andy Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians,” Arts, May / “(Untitled) The Sublime Was Now,” Arts, March 1985 “James Brown,” catalogue essay, Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya / Interview with Richard Prince, Aperture #100, Fall / Interview with Allan McCollum, Arts, October / “The Flutie Thing,” Real Life Magazine, Fall / “I Love New York and Am Doing Fine,” Real Life Magazine, Sprin / “The Guiding Light,” catalogue essay for Infotainment exhibition, J. 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CD: 2001 Scanasonic (with Paul Dickinson, Didier Leplae, Annie Killelea, Peter Barrickman) Stereophonic Play

1998 Ginny Robbins: Artist in Residence

TEACHING: 2013 UCLA, Los Angeles, USA. 2006 Visiting Artist, UCLA 96-2006 Adjunct Assistant Professor, MFA Writing Program, The School of the Art Institute of  Chicago; IL, USA. 1996 Adjunct Associate Professor; University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA.

STAGEWORKS: 1986 “Behind the Scenes (With Dangerous Assholes),” The Kitchen, New York NY (with Peter Nagy) / Producing Director: “Picture History;” speech by George W.S. Trow, video by Gretchen Bender; The Kitchen, New York

VIDEO: 2015 “Public Service Announcement (Friendship)” / “Public Service Announcement (Garden),” 1:41 / “A Clown Asks,” series; each 0:56 / “Loch Ness Monster Is Dead,” 0:21 / “Shelley,” 3:46n2014 “Grid & Spider,” 4:16 / “TV Family” 46 minutes / “Furniture Songs,” 3 minutes / “Public Service Announcment (Avant-Garde Suburb),” 1:39 / “Public Service Announcement (Independent Imagination),” 1:26 / “Jennifer Bolande at Green Gallery Oak Park,” 0:32 / “A Few Minutes With…Michelle Grabner,” 5:15 / “Theme Song For An Exhibition,” (three versions), 3:15 2013 TV commercials for art galleries and exhibitions, 30 seconds to 1 minute / “Andy Kaufman 1,” 1:33 / “Andy Kaufman 2,” 2:22 2012 15 TV commercials / “Beautification Program,” 1:25 2011 The Lift Trilogy 2009 Something Theater #1, WVTV Channel 18,  Milwaukee / Something Theater #1, WVTV Channel 18,  Milwaukee, “Lift” / Something Theater #2, WVTV Channel 18, Milwaukee, “Improv Comedy” / The Ice Cream Social 1993-2008, 27 minutes 2008 Mister Universe, 16 minutes 2007 Lift, 28 minutes / “The Mainstream,” music video from The Ice Cream Social TV Pilot, 3 minutes / Curb Giveaway, 3 minutes 2006 Western #1, 30 seconds / Western #2, 1 minute / The Naturalist, 2 minutes / Colored Names, 30 seconds / Nike Ghost, 20 seconds 2005 Improv Comedy, 52 minutes / (with Andrew Swant, Ray Chi, Bobby Ciraldo) Studying the Lie, 4 minutes / (with Paul Dickinson) Scanasonic Demo, 2001/2005, 3 minutes 2003 The Ice Cream Social, Winner, TV Lab competition, Sundance Channel 2002 (with Brad Killam and Michelle Grabner) One Mother’s Love 1999 (with Conceptual Art Research) Appleton East High School Marching Band Performs / the Star-Spangled Banner Under the Direction of Mr. Dan Spina 1998 (with CAR) Green and Gold 1997 (with CAR) Cooking with Confidence 1988 writer, episode of The Street, Fox Television 1987 Concerned Homeowners’ Hotline, with Ian Frazier

PUBLISHED WRITINGS: BOOKS: 2011 Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy, Pork Salad Press, Copenhagen 2009 High Entertainment ( 2006 The Velvet Grind: Essays, Interviews, Satires 1983-2005, JRP/Ringier Kunstverlag, Zurich 2004 The Ice Cream Social, JRP/Ringier Kunstverlag, Zurich 1998 The Ice Cream Social, Purple Books, Paris, France and Feature Inc., New York NY 1993 The Dr. Frankenstein Option, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria 1992 Foundation Papers from the Archives of the Institute for Advanced Comedic Behavior, Feature, New York NY, Jay Gorney Modern Art, New York NY and Galerie Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium / Prose and Cons, Les Editions Belle Haleine, Paris, France; edition of 18 / The Camera Believes Everything, Editions Patricia Schwarz, Stuttgart, Germany

LECTURES: 2016 HEAD, Geneva 2012 University of Chicago, Chicago2011 “Alternatives to Art,” Hammer Museum, Los Angeles 2007 “High Entertainment”, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts / Concrete Comedy”, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles 2006 Columbia University, New York  UCLA, Los Angeles / USC, Los Angeles / Chapman College, Orange, California / California School of the Arts, Valencia, CA / University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago; 2004 “Where is Adventure? What is Culture?”, Frieze Art Fair, London 2002 Cubitt, London; Goldsmith’s College, London; Royal College of Art, London; / School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2001 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA 1998 Cranbrook Academy, Bloomfield Hills MI 1993 “It’s Better to Be Dr. Frankenstein,” Forum Stadtpark, Graz Austria 1991 “Out of Camera Range”, Forum Stadtpark, Graz Austria 1990 “Speech for Prime Time”, Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, Sweden 1989 “The Camera Believes Everything”, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 1987 “Pith and Mirth”, International Center for Photography, New York NY

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